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The Corvid-19 Scheme

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Q: How are you going to get any action when everyone is wearing a mask and afraid to come within 6 feet of each other in fear of contracting Corvid-19?

A: Help us notify everyone of the, cheap, easy to make or buy, blood electrification devices documented in suppressed US Patent Offices files that eradicate all viruses. Then everyone will know Corvid-19 is a joke, take off their masks and be free for partying again.

US Patent #5188738 proves a man invented a simple electronic device the neutralizes and immunizes against all diseases, included AIDS. Big Pharma (drug dealers) doesn't want you to know as they lose customers when people are cured. The US Patent Offices cannot issue a patent unless the invention is tested and proven to do what the inventor claims it does. Patent #5188738 documents how tests were preformed and the devised eradicated AIDS and all other viruses. It cost only $10 to make such a device, or visit our website for a list of vendors and to assist in a plan to expose the whole human race to this suppressed technology.

To assist, follow the instructions below.


Before you spend cash, write on the white bottom section on the front and back of your currency:

Or: All Natural

Wear gloves and write on money just before spending. If you're going to spend the money in person, write on only 1 in five to eight bills so you can conceivably tell the cashier you got the bills as change from another store if questioned. 

Do not put the bills in the ATM. It's connected to your identity via your credit or debit card. You can put the bills in a self-checkout machine provided you wear gloves and face mask and you don't use credit, debit, gift, or any other type of card. You'll just look like you're afraid of Corvid-19. Test one bill first to make sure the machine will accept it. It does, get as many ones as you can and flood the machine with as many $1s as you can to fight government and big pharmacy facilitated ignorance. Better to put twenty $1s in a machine than one $20. But write on $100s, $20s, and $5s too.

Red ink gets the most attention – if it's dark enough to read easily. Please print legibly.

Disclaimer: We make no medical claims. If you're severely sick with a cornonavirus, it is unknown if blood electrification can counteract it fast enough to prevent death. In this case especially, you should see a doctor. Technically, blood electrification is not a vaccination. But it's probably the most intelligent way to immunize yourself (wearing a blood electrification device 24/7).